Salesforce has shown record-breaking growth since the outbreak of the pandemic, with Salesforce itself posting a 24% surge in revenue by the end of January 2021. By 2024, it is expected that there will be 4.1 million jobs created in and around the Salesforce Eco-system. There has never been a more exciting time for both Salesforce and those working with the technology. 

Despite the promising impact of this commercial growth, issues persist around the recruitment process; namely a shortfall in qualified candidates. Many companies are turning to professional Salesforce recruiters to help them beat what is becoming an increasingly completive market.

What is a Salesforce recruiter?

Salesforce recruiters can be found in a number of companies. The most common are:

General recruitment companies

There are over 20,000 recruiting companies in the US alone. The vast majority cover many types of industry, such as creative (marketing and design), business administration, sales and logistics. 

IT Recruitment Agencies

IT recruitment companies will often specialise within the many technical roles required by a company, such as Developers or Data Engineers. They may handle Salesforce roles as part of their wider remit. Some companies may have a Salesforce arm.

Salesforce Recruitment Companies

A Salesforce recruiting company is one that works predominantly within the Salesforce eco-system. Their teams are normally dedicated to working within specific sectors of Salesforce, such as CPQ & Billing or Cloud. 

Why should you be working with a recruiter?

The recruitment landscape has changed a lot since the outbreak of the Covid Pandemic. Like the majority of the general workforce, candidates within Salesforce are seeking remote or hybrid working, allowing them a wider choice of roles. Freelancing and short-contract work has also become increasingly popular, with flexibility being the number one reason why employees are turning away from salaried positions. 

The increase in digital commerce has led to a high demand for top Salesforce candidates, with a knock on effect for those trying to retain the best talent. A recent report by Salesforce found that 62% of respondents were struggling to hire skilled employees and 53% were finding it difficult to recruit entry-level workers. Just 7% of leaders responded that they’d had no issue with their hiring efforts.

Over half of companies are now offering incentives to attract the best candidates, such as cash signing-on bonuses, larger pay, flexible working and more paid time off.

Working with a Salesforce recruiting company can certainly simplify this process. Recruiters are speaking with candidates on a daily basis, and have the knowledge and experience to guide both companies and candidates through best practices.

Why work with R2 Global?

Here at R2, we are a Salesforce specialist team, working with an active database of thousands of candidates across the United States. Being on the frontline of Salesforce recruitment allows us to be perfectly positioned to navigate the many challenges that occur during the recruitment process.

We actively engage with candidates everyday, working with them to understand their goals, ambitions and needs. Having such a close working relationship allows us to perfectly match them to the companies who request our service. 

We are very transparent with both our candidates and the companies we work with. We endeavour to find the best candidates within the terms of the compensation package, but we will always be open and honest about any issues that may hamper the process based on our knowledge and experience. 

In 2021, we placed more candidates than ever before and worked with several Salesforce Partner companies to realise their talent growth plans.  If you would like to explore how our company can help you find the best talent possible, please contact us.